Garage Door Repair Questions Answered

A: The garage door company you are looking for will have more than one way to contact them. Their number one way to get in touch with them would be on the phone. However, if you are unable to reach them by phone, or if they do not have an answering service in your area, then they will most likely be found online.

Q: Is there a certain company that I can trust when it comes to door repairs? Or should I just keep checking around? A: When it comes to a door repair company, or any other type of company, customer service is going to be key. If a customer isn’t satisfied with the product or service that they receive, then they will tell everyone. For this reason, it’s very important to choose a company that has great reviews online from happy customers. Look for a company that has a toll free phone number and a good email address so you can speak to a live person if you need to.

Q: When is it okay for the Garage Door Repair Near Me   company I chose to use to make my door adjustable? My door is manual and works fine, but I’d like to make some changes to it. Can the company adjust my springs if I ask? A: This is another question that you should ask the door company that you choose. Depending on what type of springs you have in your door, you may be able to adjust your own springs.

Q: I have one more question. Does garage repair services use rubber rollers? I am having problems with some of the rollers coming off the tracks on my sliding door, especially near the entrance of my home. Can the garage doors company replace the rollers or do I have to have them fixed?

Q: Is there an estimate on replacing the parts or will the garage door repair technician complete the job? A: Before the technician even starts, he will give you an estimate for labor costs. Then you can decide whether or not to purchase the parts or to have the repairs completed. You should also ask if the garage door repair technician is familiar with the parts that you are needing to repair. If not, you may be looking at some serious damage to your door.

Q: Do you charge additional for services such as spring replacement? A: Springs should be replaced periodically, but if your door is more than ten years old, it may need replacement sooner. In addition, we recommend you avoid requiring door repairs from a repair technician who does not belong to a professional association. The garage door repair technicians who belong to professional associations often charge lower door repair costs because they are already familiar with the parts that you may need to repair. Also, your door repair technician should agree to a written estimate prior to starting any work.